For a sustainable healthy smile



If you have problems with your mouth, you might look for an improvement in your appearance, or greater comfort, or better chewing. However, whatever result you are seeking, its success and lifespan will depend upon one simple factor – the stability of your mouth.

Instability will show itself by a constant stream of things going wrong – teeth breaking, wearing, moving out of line, causing you pain or discomfort. All these things will tend to move you away from the result you want.

Stability shows itself by a mouth that simple performs well, day by day, and continues to do so for a long time – comfortable, attractive, and effective. Stability comes from strength and correct loading. Your teeth have to be strong enough to resist the day-to-day loads that eating imposes on them, and you have to have enough teeth meeting in function to avoid excessive loading on those that do meet. That is why back teeth are as important as front teeth if you want an attractive appearance.

The back teeth have to carry the load so that the front teeth will not break, wear, and move out of position. When we look to help you keep your teeth in comfort, efficiency, and with a lovely smile, stability is our first consideration because, without it, the result simply will not last.


“Not many people know that!” But now you do.