Membership Benefits

  • Up to three full dental health examinations in a year with time allowed to fully explain any findings.

  • Up to three Dental Hygiene appointments per year including periodontal advice and thorough scaling and polishing.

  • All x-rays included even the three dimensional CT scans used to assist with removal of wisdom teeth and implantology.

  • Routine screening for mouth cancers, the 16th most common cancer in the U.K. and a cash benefit if diagnosed with cancer.

  • Dietary advice and analysis. Oral Hygiene advice. Periodontal disease advise and referrals to all fields of dentistry if needed.

  • Membership gives access to a 24 hours helpline for dental emergencies at home or abroad.

  • Insurance cover for dental treatment worth up to £10,000 following dental injury. A must for anyone who plays contact sports or squash, skis or regularly uses a trampoline. Under 21s on our scheme receive similar benefits and only pay £2.00 per month.

  • Special care taken and time allowed for anxious or phobic patients.

The Fees

The financial side is dealt with by DPAS, a company that specialises in running dental memberships. They collect a Direct Debit of £22.00 per adult Member each month, while the monthly fee for child membership is £2.00.

Extra Benefits

In addition to managing the finances, DPAS insure each adult Member for necessary emergency work done away from the Practice, whether in the UK or abroad. As part of that service they offer two telephone helplines; one for this country and one for when you are abroad, to help you to find a useful emergency dentist nearby. 

At home, the Practice has its own emergency number to call for out-of-hours assistance.

Become a Member

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