Dental Implants


Comfortable & cost effective

When useful natural teeth have been lost, Dental Implants can be used to carry a prosthetic restoration. The phenomenon that makes them work, called osseointegration (which means “joined to the bone”), was discovered in the early sixties by Professor Per Ingmar Brånemark, who was working on research into blood vessels in bone.

Since then, Implants and the process of placing and loading them, Implantology, have developed, as has the knowledge of how to deal with bone, which is both a hard and a delicate tissue.

The implants themselves, along with the equipment needed to place and load them, are costly items. These, together with the time needed to prepare for and to clear up after the placement, coupled to the need for experienced ancillary staff before, during, and afterwards, and the time needed, and the skill and experience of the operator, make this the most complex and most costly of all dental treatments. In turn, success rates are very high, and the results excellent.

The surgery required with the system that we use is very minor. Almost all people who have implants placed report that the area is a little uncomfortable for about a day afterwards, and then quite comfortable after that. There are few contra-indications to implant treatment.

Smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, radio- or chemotherapy, and aggressive bisphosphonate treatment for osteoporosis, are all conditions that would prevent the placement of implants. Age is no bar in normal health.

The only maintenance required for implant-supported prostheses is excellent day-to-day cleaning and regular checks by your dentist and hygienist.

The ability to replace the lost function of natural teeth is a miraculous achievement that enables anyone to overcome their loss and the misery of wearing dentures and the problems that they cause.

Compared to other durables that we buy, the cost is low, and the benefits apparent during your entire waking life.


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